Officer Duties

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Washington State University Beta Alpha Psi
Officer Duties – Updated 2/20/18

  • President
    • Every Semester
      1. Chair Informational and Business Meetings
        • Informational meeting is generally the 2nd Wednesday of each regular semester.
        • Update the Pledge Handbook and have ready for informational meeting.
        • Bring BAP banner to all meetings.
      2. Weekly Officer Meetings
        • Preside over weekly officer meetings
      3. Oversight
        • Be sure other officers are performing duties responsibly and timely. Fill for other officers as necessary.
        • Stay up-to-date with Nationals.
        • Arrange faculty meeting visit each semester.
    • Fall Semester
      1. Plan of Objectives
        • Meet with the VP of reporting to complete “Plan of Objectives” for beginning of year report to Nationals by October 1st.
      2. Fall Initiation
        • Arrange with advisor (note: one initiation per year is required, the second can complete a National/Regional activity).
      3. General
        • Register and attend an RSO training class.
        • Help officers select one member and one pledge to receive a book scholarship with Superior money.
    • Spring Semester
      1. Spring Initiation
        • Arrange with advisor (see note for Fall Initiation).
      2. End of Year Report
        • Be sure VP of Finance completes financial statements before leaving for summer.


  • VP Finance
    • Every Semester
      1. Cash receipts/disbursements
        • Collect dues and pledge fees.
        • Prepare check requests and make deposits.
        • Update cash receipts spreadsheet.
        • Provide advisor and VP of Database with list of paid members.
    • Fall Semester
      1. Beginning of Year Report
        • Arrange for $200 maintenance fee to be sent to Nationals.
        • Arrange for pledge fees to be sent to Nationals.
    • Spring Semester
      1. End of Year Report
        • Audit annual financial statements to advisor before leaving town for the summer.
        • Organize procedure to deposit and request checks during the summer.
        • Prepare a new signature card or procedures to obtain a new card in the fall.


  • VP Fraternal Affairs
    • Every Semester
      1. Socials
        • Arrange meeting place and refreshments (must be place that allows under 21).
        • Due to National regulations, BAP sponsored events may not include alcohol. This does not pertain to company sponsored events following BAP events.
        • Advertise socials (flyers, class announcements, etc.).
        • Provide information to VP of Media to update webpage.
        • Order food for Wednesday meeting with no social.
        • Create and send invoices to sponsors.Bring cooler, soda, water, plates, and napkins to Wednesday meetings.
    • Fall Semester
      1. Spring Banquet
        • Confirm banquet hall.
        • Start thinking about banquet (sponsor, speaker, entertainment, etc.).
    • Spring Semester
      1. Spring Banquet
        • Arrange for sponsor with advisor and chair assistance.
        • Provide information to VP of Media to update webpage.
        • With approval, arrange menu.
        • Assist chair in selecting alumnus of the year.
        • Arrange necessary technology for dinner speaker.
        • With advisor assistance, determine appropriate prices to break even.
        • Finalize entertainment, decorations, and center pieces.
        • Discuss any special recognitions and sponsor thank you gifts.
        • Send invitations to firms 6 weeks before banquet.
        • Keep track of RSVPs – phone firms if necessary.
        • Work with VP Finance regarding cash and A/P.
        • Prepare programs 1 week before banquet.
        • Prepare and send invoices to firms with advisor assistance (keep track of checks as they are paid).
        • Arrange next year’s space immediately after this year’s banquet.


  • VP Recruiting
    • Responsibilities
      1. Morale of BAP members
      2. Raffle gift cards
      3. Plan social events
      4. Lanyards
      5. Visit classrooms to make announcements


  • VP Database and Reporting
    • Responsibilities
      1. In charge of attendance sheets at meetings on Google doc.
      2. Motivate non-active members.
      3. Give attendance information to VP of Reporting within a week of prior meeting.
      4. Collect data sheets from each member/pledge.
      5. Provide attendance report to officers once a month.
      6. Collect data from other officers by the end of each month.
      7. Collect data from member/pledges regarding non-BAP professional and service activities by the end of each month.
      8. Prepare beginning of year report, monthly report, and end of year report online on a timely basis to National specifications.
      9. Keep track of chapter status and update officers at executive meeting.
      10. Give attendance and service stats to VP of Media for website.
      11. Update bylaws before submitting and discuss with faculty advisor and President.
      12. Take notes during officer meetings and send out finalized copy to officers post meeting.
      13. Record all hours and print hours each meeting to put on sign-in sheet.
      14. Create sign-in sheets and keep track of all the hours for each person.


  • VP Professional Programs
    • Responsibilities
      1. Send invitations to firms (call back if necessary).
      2. Arrange meetings (suggest technical topic).
      3. Arrange technical support – inform VP of Public Relations.
      4. Assist firms in scheduling socials if requested – collaborate with VP of Fraternal Affairs
      5. Call presenters at least 2 weeks before meeting and confirm – provide them with room number and verify whether they need any special equipment.
      6. Follow-up thank you.
      7. Update calendar.


  • VP Community Service
    • Responsibilities
      1. Email members with openings of community service throughout the semester.
      2. Send reminders to members of the service dates they are signed up for.
      3. Ask members for outside hours that they have completed.
      4. Organize and facilitate events throughout the school year.
      5. Communicate with VP of Reporting to discuss hours.


  • VP Public Relations 
    • Responsibilities
      1. Make flyers for all upcoming Beta Alpha Psi events and distribute to all accounting faculty.
      2. Send emails to all Beta Alpha Psi members weekly to advertise upcoming events.
      3. Send emails to all members when needed by other officers.
      4. Maintain the email sector of the database.
      5. Send out email reminders for community service tutoring and community service events.


  • VP Media 
    • Responsibilities
      1. Post announcements of upcoming meetings, service sign-ups, and anything else of interest.
      2. Create weekly PowerPoint with announcements.
      3. Help VP Public Relations maintain Facebook and webpage. Take photos.
      4. Keep webpage, Facebook page, and other social media up-to-date, attractive, and informative.
      5. Take pictures at all activities/events possible and post on website.


  • VPs of Mentor Program
    • Responsibilities
      1. Responsibilities will be heavy at the beginning of each semester, but they will significantly taper off after the first month.
      2. Advertise the program and recruit students and professional mentors.
      3. Answer questions of the students and professionals.
      4. Conduct introductory meetings.
      5. Maintain records of program participants.
      6. Continuously seek feedback and try to leave your own impact and improvements on the program for future students.
      7. You should be motivated by your love for helping others and for WSU.


  • VP of Regional Conference
    • Responsibilities
      1. Attend to items such as calling other Chapters or faculty, create abstracts for the regional event, and attend the regional event
        • To ensure this, you will need to discuss with the faculty advisor exactly what needs to happen beforehand
        • Ea. Who you need to call, what ideas you need to have for your Chapter’s Abstract
      2. It is your job to make sure that other Chapters are participating in the regional event
        • This includes emailing and calling all of the following Chapters in reference to what the plant share or perform for the regionals meeting
        • Use the provided numbers and emails unless stated as “General”. Then either fins the new information off of each Chapter’s respective BAP site. General should be used if no other information can be found
          1. University of Oregon
            • General — (541) 346-1461
          2. University of Washington
            • General — (206) 543-4368
          3. Oregon State University
            • Amy Bourne (Faculty Advisor) — (541) 737-6032
          4. Seattle University
            • Sarah Bee (Faculty Advisor) — (206) 296-5788
          5. University of Montana
            • Barbara Reider (Faculty Advisor) — (406) 243-5145
          6. Pacific Lutheran University
            • General — (253) 535-7244
          7. Eastern Washington University
            • Shelly Fan (Faculty Advisor) — (509) 828-1256
          8. Portland State University
            • ;
            • General  — (503) 725-3133
          9. Boise State University
            • General — (208) 426-3461
          10. Western Washington University
            • Dr. Zite Hutton (Faculty Advisor) — (360) 650-4889
          11. University of Idaho
            • Karin Hatheway-Dial (Faculty Advisor) —
            • General — (509) 313-3427
          12. Gonzaga University
            • General — (509) 313-3427
          13. Seattle Pacific University
            • Leah Burlingame (Faculty Advisor) —
            • General — (206) 281-2900
          14. University of Washington – Bothell
            •  Deborah Medlar (Faculty Advisor) —
          15. Central Washington
            • BAP Phone — (509) 963-3340
          16. Washington State University – Vancouver
            • General — (360) 546-9750
          17. University of Portland
            • Dr. Cecilia Lin (Faculty Advisor) — (503) 943-8656


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